School Cancellation and Delay Procedures

Click here to read a statement from the superintendent on delay and cancellation decisions made by the district.

   Information about closings and delays can be found on local television and radio stations. You can also click on the links below to see this information online.

School Delays
This year, if we have a delay, it will be two hours. In the event of a delay, buses, student drop-offs and classes will be pushed back two hours. Please develop a plan for your family in the event that a delay should occur in the near future. Students cannot be dropped off at school until 10:35 a.m. when there is a delay because staff will not be available to supervise children until that time.
Morning kindergarten students will also have a two hour delay, and will dismiss at their usual time (12:20).

Early Dismissals
Franklin Regional will not implement an unplanned early dismissal except for extreme emergencies or Governor's orders.

Athletics and Evening Events
When Franklin Regional is closed due to inclement weather or road conditions, all athletic events and evening activities will be cancelled. If Franklin is scheduled to play in an away sporting event, the decision to cancel the event is strictly up to the home team. Coaches will notify the players as to whether the away event has been cancelled or not.