Grade 2

To begin the year in 2nd grade, each student needs to bring in the following supplies on the first day of school:

•      8 glue sticks
•      4 pack of dry erase markers
•      One pack of 24 count crayons
•      12 plain yellow, non-mechanical #2 pencils (not the kind with the plastic coating on the   
         outside…they don’t sharpen well)
•      2 “pink pearl” erasers
•      Plastic pencil BOX (no zipper pouches)
•      A pair of earbuds or headphones to use with the Chromebooks
•      A box of tissues
•      Ziploc/Hefty One Zip bags – Boys: one box gallon size or quart size   
                                                     Girls: one box sandwich or snack size

Thank you!
Sloan 2nd Grade Teachers

**If you are unable to send in the requested supplies please let your child's teacher know and they will be provided.**