Weekly Update

    • Weekly News


      Please remember:

      • To send in a healthy snack every day.  
      • Please remember the school requires all 3 clearances to volunteer or eat lunch with your child.
      • Thursday October 4th - Picture Day
      • ELA assessment – Wednesday, September 26th.


      This Week in Science Students Will:  

      • Learn all about apples.



      This Week in Math Students will:                                                                       

      • Take their unit 1 assessment.

      • Use addition to solve story problems and visualize equality.

      • Represent, solve, and use = to write addition equations and determine if the equation is true.





      This week in ELA students will:

      • Build and blend words with the /a/ and other known letter sounds. 

      • Use letter-sound knowledge to read decodable text and develop fluency.

      • Read words with the phonograms –at,

         -ap, -ag, -and (words such as: cat, pan, bag and band)

      • Practice making predictions and retelling stories.

      • Understand characteristics of realistic fiction and a fantasy.

      • Compose complete, coherent sentences.

      • Develop robust vocabulary through discussing a literature selection.

      • Recognize, read, and write words with inflection s.

      • Identify and use correct word order.

      • Continue to use 5 star writing.

               Technology Time