Weekly Newsletters

Image result for educational quotes for students inspirationWeekly News

OPEN HOUSE – Tuesday, Sept. 12th

6:30 – 7:00 – First Grade Informational Session in the cafeteria

7:00 – 8:00 – Meet and Greet in the classroom, Room A121 

Your first grader is invited and encouraged to attend to be your guide as they introduce you to their friends, teachers, and classroom! 

Please remember:

  • Book Fair – Thursday, Sept. 14th during Library class and during Open House!
  • To send in a healthy snack every day.  
  • Thursday October 5th - Picture Day


Image result for intelligentThis Week in Social Studies Students Will:  

  • Explore citizenship.

  • Discuss the Constitution.

  • Continue to explore their “smarts”


Image result for mathThis week in Math, students will participate in number sense activities that prepare them for the concepts of addition, subtraction, and equation building. They will investigate:

Partners  (2 numbers that can be put together to make a larger number).  For example, 2 and 5 are partners of 7.

Image result for bookBreaking Apart (Students break apart a larger number to form two smaller numbers.)  Students will use objects and drawings and a “stick” to separate the two groups to show how a number of objects can be broken apart into 2 smaller groups.


This week in ELA students will:

Practice writing sentences with a capital letter and correct end mark.

Review and extend their knowledge of the short /i/ and /o/ vowel sounds while reviewing letters and building new words.

Read stories with short vowel decodable words.

Read, write, and apply high frequency words in their daily work.