Weekly Update


    Weekly News


    Please remember:

    • To send in a healthy snack every day.  
    • Please remember the school requires all 3 clearances to volunteer or eat lunch with your child.
    • Lesson 23 ELA assessments will be given on Friday, April 27th.
    • Remember swimming is now every Thursday!

    • Field Trip – Thursday, May 3rd.  Remember to send in a clean 2 liter bottle any time before May 3rd.  Please send your son/daughter in with old shoes as we may be walking through muddy areas. 


    This Week in Science Students Will:  

    Learn about and explore animal classifications. 

    Celebrate Earth Day with some fun Lorax activities.


    This Week in Math Students will:                                                                       

    • Distinguish between defining and non-defining attributes of squares, rectangles, triangles, and circles.

    • Partition circles and rectangles into two or four equal shares.

    • Compose 2-dimensional shapes and compose new shapes from the composite shape.

    • Identify attributes of 3-dimensional shapes and compose rectangular prisms.




    This Week in ELA Students will:


    • Build and blend words with long vowel /o/o-e and other known letter sounds. 

    • Use letter-sound knowledge to read decodable text and develop fluency.

    • Understand the characteristics of a folktale and narrative nonfiction.

    • Compare things using words with –er and –est.

    • Draw conclusions about characters and events in a story.

    • Read and write words with the phonograms –ose, oke, one, and –ole.


    •             Technology Time