Leaping for Spelling

"Leaping for Spelling"

We call this activity leaping because we pretend to be frogs on lily pads.  We try to go from letter to letter, or lily pad to lily pad, without falling in the water until our word is complete.  

Please have fun with these words!  You can practice through games, art, and writing!

Please note that these words will need to be practiced throughout the year because they become part of our spelling dictation sentences each week.  Therefore, you may want to find a special place to keep all of the spelling lists!  

The following lists include all of the regular first grade spelling words that will be assigned this school year.

1.   am, at, cat, can, ran, man, map, tap, a, the

2.   hat, had, sad, sat, bat, bag, at, can, help, now

3.   in, pin, pig, big, dig, did, had, sat, too, no  

4.   pick, pack, tack, back, sack, sick, big, in, hold, so

5.   top, hop, hot, not, dot, lot, back, pick, oh, yes

6.   all, call, fall, wall, ball, tall, not top, much, thank

7.   set, sent, ten, tell, let, get, all, call, make, of

8.   then, them, this, that, path, with, ten, get, said, was

9.   us, bus, must, cut, cub, club, with, then, don't, says

10.  long, song, sing, ring, bring, thing, us, must, does, food

11.  or, for, form, more, store, sort, long, bring, your, head

12.  shop, shot, rush, wish, fish, for, more, from, very

13.  chip, chin, inch, such, catch, match, wish, shop, saw, were

14.  far, farm, arm, part, park, chin, such, fly, watch

15.  quit, quick, quiz, whiz, which, when, arm, part, house, put

16.  her, fur, turn, bird, girl, first, quit, when, name, work

17.  hand, handle, wig, wiggle, single, little, turn, girl, by room

18.  low, slow, grow, road, soap, boat, little, handle, carry, would

19.  me, see, feet, seat, mean, team, slow, road, out, over

20. day, say, play, plain, rain, wait, feet, me, door, told

21.  came, gate, game, late, lake, take, day, play, four, place

22.  like, line, nine, mine, while, take, came, gone, near

23.  home, hope, rope, rode, rose, those, like, nine, right, walk

24.  ice, nice, race, page, edge, large, home, those, love, hello

25.  use, cute, cube, tube, tune, rule, nice, large, hear, talk

26.  my, try, tried, ties, light, might, use, rule, color, hair

27.  how, cow, down, out, found, round, try, light, earth, table

28.  funny, happy, story, stories, hurry, hurried, how, out, baby, done

29.  boot, tooth, soon, noon, new, grew, story, hurry, great, took

30.  find, mild, mind, cold, fold, most, soon, new, boy, building