"Popcorn" Sight Words


These are the 15 "popcorn" sight word lists that we are working to master.  These are called popcorn words because as soon as your child sees the word, it should "pop" into his/her head.  Please refer to your child's yellow popcorn folder to see the list that he/she is working on for this week.  When practicing at home, please keep it fun.  You could have your child write the words in pudding, form the words with clay, or put the words in a silly story.  Whatever you choose to do, please help your child have fun with words and with you!

Sight Word List One:  the, to, and, he, a, I, you, it, of, in, was,

Sight Word List Two:  his, that, she, for, on, they, but, at, him,
                                      with, up

Sight Word List Three:  all, look, is, her, there, some, out, as,
                                         be, have, go, we

Sight Word List Four:  little, down, do, can, could, when, did, 
                                      what, so, see, not, were

Sight Word List Five:  get, them, like, one, am, then, this, my,
                                      would, me, will, yes

Sight Word List Six:  big, went, are, come, if, now, long, no,
                                    came, ask, very, am

Word List Seven:  over, your, its, into, just, blue, red, from,
                                         good, any, about, around, want, don't,

Sight Word List Eight:  know, right, put, got, take, where, every,
                                       pretty, jump, green, four, away, old, by,

Sight Word List Nine:  here, saw, call, after, well, think, ran, let,
                                      help, going, sleep, brown, yellow, five, six

Sight Word List Ten:  walk, or, before, eat, again, play, who, 
                                      been, may, stop, off, never, seven, eight,

Sight Word List Eleven:  today, fly, myself, round, tell, much, 
                                          keep, give, work, first, try, new, must,
     start, black

Sight Word List Twelve:  white, ten, does, bring, goes, write,
                                            always, drink, once, soon, run, gave,
                                            open, has, find

Sight Word List Thirteen:  only, us, three, our, better, hold, buy,
                                              funny, warm, ate, full, those, done,
                                              use, fast, say, light

Sight Word List Fourteen:  pick, hurt, pull, cut, kind, both, which,
                                               fall, carry, small, under, read, why,
                                               own, found, wash, show, two 

Sight Word List Fifteen:  hot, because, far, live, draw, clean,
                                           grow, best, upon, these, sing, together,
                                           please, thank, wish, many, shall, laugh