Walking with Vocabulary

"Walking with Words"

We will be "taking walks" with words to read stories as well as to create a
variety of writing pieces throughout the year. 
You will be amazed by your child's reading and writing skills this year!

Here are the words we will be studying for each unit in Storytown.  Please feel free to practice and play with these words at home! 

  1.  High Frequency Words: help, let's, now

Robust Vocabulary:  bothered, distance, form, attention, perform, supportive

High Frequency Words: in, no, too

Robust Vocabulary: escape, fright, nearby, cram, solution, strategy


3.   3.  High Frequency Words: get, hold, home, so, soon

Robust Vocabulary: sensed, especially, memorize, capacity, haul, proud


4.   4.  High Frequency Words: late, oh, yes

Robust Vocabulary: pouted, ambled, politely, routine, considerate, unexpected


5.   5.  High Frequency Words: find, much, thank

Robust Vocabulary: horrible, invigorated, presented, sweltering, old, persistent


6.   6.  High Frequency Words: how, make, of, some

Robust Vocabulary: commotion, muffle, overflowing, locate, search, symbol


7.   7.  High Frequency Words: day, eat, forest, said, time, was

Robust Vocabulary: chorus, odor, shoved, assemble, consume, enthusiastic


8.   8.  High Frequency Words: don't, her, line, Mr., new, says, water

Robust Vocabulary: applauded, chatty, gather, duty, envy, resent


9.   9.  High Frequency Words: be, does, food, grow, live, many

Robust Vocabulary: claimed, dine, groaned, function, nutritious, classify


      10.  High Frequency Words: arms, every, feet, head, school, use, way, you

Robust Vocabulary: ashamed, mused, soared, athletic, awkward, superb


     11.  High Frequency Words: animals, cold, fish, from, their, under, very

Robust Vocabulary: nuzzled, pranced, raging, adapt, intriguing, inhabit


      12.  High Frequency Words: came, could, gold, happy, made, night, saw, were

 Robust Vocabulary: reward, handsomely, cruel, greedy, consequences, regret


      13.  High Frequency Words: air, fly, friends, grew, need, play, rain, watch

Robust Vocabulary: astonishing, continue, doubt, transform, examine, devour


      14.  High Frequency Words: again, feel, house, know, loud, Mrs., put, say

Robust Vocabulary: approached, energetic, pace, blunder, reassure, excel


      15.  High Frequency Words: about, books, family, name, people, read, work, writing

Robust Vocabulary: cozily, interrupted, triumphantly, accomplishment, ambition, admire


      16.  High Frequency Words: always, by, Cow's, join, nice, please, room

Robust Vocabulary: captured, mercury, struggling, compatible, amiable, relax


      17.  High Frequency Words: buy, carry, money, other, paint, paper, would

Robust Vocabulary: agreement, unnoticed, unthinkable, rejoice, predicament, extraordinary


      18.  High Frequency Words: mouse, our, over, pretty, surprise, three

Robust Vocabulary: bugled, jostled, argue, command, labored, wary


      19.  High Frequency Words: dear, door, hurry, mother, should, sky, told

Robust Vocabulary: courteous, devious, rapidly, gullible, hastily, unreasonable


      20.  High Frequency Words: cool, dry, four, holes, move, place, warm

Robust Vocabulary: grumbling, chided, realized, bitterly, dwelling, amusement


      21.  High Frequency Words: around, found, gone, hears, might, near, open, tired

Robust Vocabulary: sympathy, sensitive, devoted, alarmed, mysterious, overjoyed


      22.  High Frequency Words: because, light, right, those, walked

Robust Vocabulary: incident, gradual, downpour, seek, oblivious, indecisive


      23.  High Frequency Words: brown, city, hello, loudly, love, pulled

Robust Vocabulary: asserted, offended, retorted, congenial, congregate, cheerful


      24.  High Frequency Words: become, busy, eyes, high, listen, remembered, talk, visitor

Robust Vocabulary: pleased, joy, stammered, puzzling, probing, unrelenting


      25.  High Frequency Words: clear, color, good-bye, hair, kinds, only, toes

Robust Vocabulary: deserve, usually, peaceful, variety, incredible, typical


       26.  High Frequency Words: climbed, earth, fooling, table, thought

Robust Vocabulary: fondly, pale, shadowy, imaginative, similar, affectionate


       27.  High Frequency Words: answered, baby, done, heard, pools, pushed, together

Robust Vocabulary: quivered, wailed, scattered, elated, lonesome, hopeless


       28.  High Frequency Words: able, almost, blue, great, poured, took, traveled

Robust Vocabulary: properly, familiar, arrived, anticipate, numerous, vibrant


       29.  High Frequency Words: boy, building, tomorrow, toward, welcoming

Robust Vocabulary: wriggle, prickly, interested, cooperative, constructive, construct, assist


       30.  High Frequency Words: any, front, nothing, ready, sorry

Robust Vocabulary: tiresome, seized, tremendous, patient, exhausted, outrageous