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Welcome to Mrs. Martz's 3rd Grade Class!

Open House 2018 PowerPoint
Weekly Online Practice:

Lesson 9 Vocabulary Quizlet
(you do not need to sign up...this link is just for practice)
Math Brain Teasers
Your child can try to solve these math brain teasers.  Completed work may be turned in for dojo points!  I suggest completing (1) per week.
Math Fact Dash
This site is referenced below for timed and untimed fact practice.

More Resources...
Click HERE to access our Grade 3 Resource page (lists, skills, and practice for Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary, & Math).

Important Dates...Reminders...& Classroom Happenings...

Wednesday (11/14)- Lesson 9 Spelling Pretest
Thursday (11/15)- 
Math Word Problem Quiz
Friday (11/16)- Math Fact Quiz
Tuesday (11/20)-
Lesson 9 Spelling & Vocabulary tests and ELA #4 Test (passage with comprehension questions and writing, main idea and details, summarizing, using reference sources, and abbreviations)
*Fall Theme Day
Wednesday (11/21)-Tuesday (11/26)
- Thanksgiving/Fall Break - No School
Wednesday (11/28)- St. Vincent Program
Thursday (11/29)- Counseling class with Mrs. Fikejs
Monday (12/3)- Multiplication & Division will begin!  Boot Camp will start this week...more to come!
Counseling Lessons with Mrs. Fikejs the following Thursdays @ 1:45...
11/29, 12/13, 1/17, 2/14, 2/28, 3/14, 4/4, 5/23

Learning Targets:
Lesson 9- Refer to School-Home Connection
I can spell words with consonant blends -str,-scr, and      -spr.
I can use robust vocabulary in speaking and writing.
I can write an "opinion writing" about Thanksgiving.
I can determine the main idea of text and cite details to support my claim.
I can apprpriately use and spell both singular and plural nouns.
Lesson 9 Spelling & Vocabulary will be assessed on Tuesday (11/20).
**Spelling & Vocabulary words can be found on School-Home Connection letters which are sent home on Mondays. Spelling words can also be found written in your child's planner each week.  If your child spells 95% of words correctly on the pretest, missing 1 or 0, he/she will be given a challenge list from which to study.  Students with a challenge list will receive a 100% for their weekly assessment, as long as they spell their 1 missed word correctly- if that is the case.  Spelling Choice Boards or Tic-Tac-Toe boards will come home on Monday of each week.  They will be due that Friday.  These will offer students a choice in the way they practice their spelling words at home.  If you or your child thinks of a different way to practice writing all 20 words, then please do so and be sure to share!  

I can make sense of word problems, and persevere in solving them.
I can use strategies to evaluate and solve word problems involving addition and subtraction with multiple steps.
I can use rounding and estimating in problem solving.
*Fridays will be Fact Fluency Fridays! We will practice and keep track of our progress. We are currently making sure we are fluent with ADDITION & SUBTRACTION facts to 20...MULTIPLICATION will begin after Thanksgiving break! 
*Students will not receive daily math homework.  Please encourage your child to practice addition and subtraction facts at home, as those should be automatic.  Flashcards are encouraged, as well as Math Fact Dash online.  First in Math is a great way to practice various math concepts.
Social Studies- 

I can identify and explain the 3 branches of government.
I can identify US symbols and their importance to our country.
I can work collaboratively to research an important US symbol, and create a project to teach about its importance.

"Choose Kind"

Click HERE for Kindness Conversation Starters.  Together we can make the world a kinder place!

Growth Mindset
We are working to create a Growth Mindset in our classroom. What is a Growth Mindset?

Click HERE to find out more about this topic!

Class Dojo
ClassDojo is a website/app which allows teachers like myself give immediate feedback to my students on their behaviors. Students get awarded points for positive behaviors and points earn student rewards! My hope is that ClassDojo will bring all of us closer, and will help you to understand your child's progress on a week to week basis. 

Online Learning Sites ...

First in Math

Visit the tabs Online Skill Builders to access other online learning games.

Specials Schedule:
Monday- Art
Tuesday- Music
Wednesday- Library (don't forget books)
Thursday- Computer
Friday- Phys. Ed.(tennis shoes)
Swimming begins the 4th nine weeks (don't forget your swim bag with all belongings & an extra snack).