3rd Grade

In Art:

Third graders are focusing on Expression

Students are learning art history, art critique, interdisciplinary art, various ways in which people express themselves though art and much more!


Artist: Wassily Kandinsky
 creating a visual composition that expresses sound
Vocabulary: Expressionism and composition

Artist: Franz Mark
vocabulary: Blue Rider Group


Parents and or guardians:

Our second graders will be doing some wonderful things in art class this year which may require some materials to be brought in from home. I will send a note home if we are in need of any supplies.  The supplies will not require purchasing.

Please make sure that your child wears clothing that is appropriate for art. Being creative can be messy:)

   New this year...

With your permission, your child's  artwork will be shown on an online site called Artsonia. 

Artsonia is the largest student art museum in the world! Every child can have an online art gallery and preserve their masterpieces for all time!