4th Grade


4th Grade

In fourth grade students will be focusing on line and drawing techniques and skills to improve their drawing skills and to draw what they see.


   Students designed their names that reflected their personality through use of multiple techniques of graffiti stylizing.

Bug Art

 Students painted with real beetles.  They watched a video on Discovery Education about a man who paints the feet of insects and has them to walk across the paper creating an interesting line pattern on the surface.
Bug Cut Outs
Students learned about paper cutouts of different cultures. Since 4th Graders were learning about bugs in their regular class room and symmetry was the area of study that we needed to focus on in art, bugs seemed to be the most likely choice.


Winter birch Tree landscape
Students learned water color techniques and perspective to create a beautiful winter landscape

Blind contour drawing- hands
Students have begun learning different techniques of drawing.  They have been learning about blind contour drawing and they are using their hand as the subject. The hand is a great subject since it can be manipulated in various positions, creating a unique drawing each time.

Surreal Handscape
Students are currently planning compositions for their surreal drawing of their hand. They are learning about Salvador Dali and will be learning about other surrealist painters.  The idea is to get the students to use their imagination and to think outside of the box and learn about symbolism.

 Parents and or guardians:

Our second graders will be doing some wonderful things in art class this year which may require some materials to be brought in from home. I will send a note home if we are in need of any supplies.  The supplies will not require purchasing.

Please make sure that your child wears clothing that is appropriate for art. Being creative can be messy:)


With your permission, your child's  artwork will be shown on an online site called Artsonia. 

Artsonia is the largest student art museum in the world! Every child can have an online art gallery and preserve their masterpieces for all time!