About Our Program


The Physical Education program is designed to expose students to a
variety of lifetime skills and activities in various areas ranging from
Physical Fitness, to Bouncing and Dribbling, to Swimming/Water Safety.

During the school year, the students at Sloan Elementary School
will experience the following skills and units while participating in
Physical Education.


  • Physical Fitness Unit (Physical Fitness Challenge)
  • Throwing and Catching Unit
  • Kicking Skills Unit
  • Rolling Skills Unit (Bowling)
  • Bouncing and Dribbling Skills Unit
  • Rope Skipping
  • Hitting and Striking Skills Unit (Volleyball)
  • Climbing Skills Unit (Climbing Ropes and Cargo Net)  
  • Parachute Skills
  • Water Safety Skills and Swimming Unit
  • Locomotor Skills (Hopping, Galloping, Skipping, Leaping, and Running)