SAL Competition Dates 2017-2018

The following are the competitions that are available for the 2017-2018 school year.

 Event     Date  Location Grade  
 24 Tournament  October 4th   Sloan Elementary School 3rd-5th
Calcu-Solve November 17th  Franklin Regional School District   3rd-5th 
Math Thinking Games   TBA Greater Latrobe School District  3rd-5th 
Westmoreland Quiz Bowl  November  
Franklin Regional School District 3rd - 4th
America Bowl   February 22nd  Franklin Regional School District 3rd - 5th  
Invention Convention  December 14th  Yough Intermediate Middle School K - 5th
Language Arts Thinking Games January 5th  Franklin Regional School District 3rd - 5th
Celebration of Literature (Primary and Intermediate)  March 6th 
St. Vincent College 2nd- 5th
 Primary K'Nex Challenge  March 1st  Norwin School District  2nd - 3rd 
 WIU STEM K'Nex Challenge March 19th 
Westmoreland Intermediate Unit 4th-5th               
 Photography Competition  May 1st  Yough School District K-5th 
 Amazing & Puzzling   TBA  FRMS  5th