Grade 1

Dear Wonderful First Grade Families,

Although I intend to provide all of the necessary supplies your child will need this year in first grade, many families are interested in sending in useful items for their child. The following is a suggested (BUT NOT REQUIRED) list of supplies that would be useful to your child in first grade.  Any contributions would always be welcome and greatly appreciated.  J

  • Pencil box or pouch

  • Glue sticks

  • Non-mechanical, yellow number 2 pencils (not the kind with the plastic coating on the outside since they do not sharpen well).

  • “Pink pearl” eraser(s)

  • Dry erase marker(s)

  • Hand held pencil sharpener

Your child will be provided with a gallon sized Ziploc bag to store their supplies, however he or she might prefer having a pencil box or pouch to keep their belongings organized in their tote tray. 

As we work towards keeping our classroom both clean and organized, we are also so grateful for the following classroom donations at any time throughout the year:

  • Tissues (Kleenex boxes)

  • Plastic Ziploc storage bags (sandwich or gallon sized)

  • Clorox wipes

Looking forward to a wonderful year full of learning fun!

Thank you!

Sloan 1st Grade Teachers