Grade 5

Dear Student and Parent(s),

            We would like to welcome you to 5th grade!  You will be learning a lot of fun and interesting information, doing projects, experiments, drawings, maps, and creating your own writing.  As you get settled into your final year as an elementary student, here is a list of school supplies that you MUST have.  We have included some optional supplies that many students like to have as well.

Thank you and welcome,

5th Grade Teachers


  1. 4 spiral notebooks
  2. Pencils (any kind)
  3. 5 folders or an Accordion Folder
  4. Set of Colored Pencils (or two)
  5. Glue Stick(s)
  6. Hand Held Pencil Sharpener
  7. Graph Paper
  8. Calculatro
  9. Extra erasers (pink pearls work well)
  10. Trapper Keeper or Accordion Folder
  11. Pencil Box or Bag