Early Dismissal Policy

The Franklin Regional School District values student attendance and the instructional

process. Consequently, early dismissals are for rare, occasional and urgent needs that cannot be scheduled outside of the school day.


Students to be excused from school before regular dismissal time must bring an

excuse from home stating the time and reason for the early dismissal. Early excuses are issued in the office only and must be obtained before the start of the school day. Transportation must be arranged by the parents and must be stated as part of the excuse. In case of an extreme emergency, the parent is responsible for making arrangements through the school office. The school district requires that students receiving early dismissals for medical or dental appointments bring an appointment notice from the doctor when the excuse is issued or when the student returns from the appointment.


Parents and students are strongly encouraged to make personal appointments before or

after school hours since being dismissed early from school can cause a disruption to the educational process. Chronic early dismissals negatively impact the instructional process. The building principal has the discretion to deny a regular request for early dismissals. Truancy charges may be filed in these cases.


FRSD Board Policy 8108