Lunch with Your Child


Lunch with Your Child

Parents of all Sloan students may join us in the cafeteria for lunch on occasion, one time per month maximum. If you are planning to have lunch with your son or daughter here at school, please follow these guidelines: 

  • Call in advance or send a note in to the teacher at least one day ahead. By making a reservation and selection from the menu, the students in the last lunch period will have their selections, too. The kitchen phone num-ber is 724-733-5969. 
  • Sign in with the greeter. You will be given an adhesive badge. The adults on lunch duty and staff will look for this and question you if you are without it. Know the beginning and ending times of your child’s lunch period.

  • Please plan to purchase a school lunch when you visit the cafeteria. Adult Lunches are $3.75. Do not bring fast food into the cafeteria.

  • Please do not bring younger siblings to the cafeteria.

  • After lunch, please exit the school. Do not go to recess or back to the classroom.

  • If you are volunteering at school on the day that you plan to stay for lunch, please follow the above procedure.

  • Picture taking and video taping is not permitted during any lunch time visit.

  • You must sit at the table designated at “Guest” table during lunch to minimize disruptions.

  • Please follow all FR aides’ requests while you are a guest in the café.  

By following these guidelines, you and our students will have an enjoyable lunch experience.