AR Frequently Asked Questions


What does AR stand for?

AR stands for Accelerated Reader.  Accelerated Reader is a program that will help you to become an independent reader.  It will help you make good reading choices and tell the librarian how you are doing with your choices!

What are "dot colors?"

Your dot colors are on the back of your library card.  You should use them to help you to choose books that are on your reading level.  Your dot colors are determined based on the STAR test that you took on the computer.  When you are choosing a book, you should choose at least one book that is on your dot color.  You will retake the STAR test 2 more times this year to determine whether your dot colors should change.                         

How do I know if a book has an AR test if it is not from our library?

You can take AR tests on books from our library or on books that you have at home.  To see if a book has an AR test, go to and search for the title.  (Be sure to type it correctly!)  If the book is found, then it has an AR test!  AR tests are added frequently, so check back later if your book has been recently published.

There are also several phone apps that give AR information by scanning a book’s bar code.

How do I know what dot color a book is if it isn't from Sloan Library?

Go to and search for the title.  Find the BL (book level) and match it to the AR dot color chart on the Library web site. Choose the Accelerated Reader menu on the left, and the Reading Level Colors.   There are also dot color charts hanging all around our library! 

What if I forget my AR login and password?

Your AR login and password are listed on the back of your library card.  You can also any of the library workers if you need help.

When can I take AR tests?

You may take AR tests from any computer in the school.  You may take them during library class, in your classroom, in the computer lab, or you may ask your teacher for permission to come to the library.  AR tests cannot be taken at home.  

How can I reach 100% by the end of the year?

By reading books that are on your reading level for 1/2 hour each day and passing the AR tests, you should be able to increase your percent to goal by 25% each grading period and reach 100% by the end of the year.  And most importantly, reading each and every day will help you to become a better reader!

Happy Reading!